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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 12, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this. >> this lower anchor is buried between the seat belt, so finding the anchor is challenging and being able to maneuver the hook to chiewlly get it in there and connect it tightly is extremely difficult. it requires a lot of force. >> reporter: volunteers were more likely to install seats correctly when the hardware was easier to use. the study also found less than half of volunteers used the top tether with many parents not realizing it's essential. >> they think it's optional. but attaching the tether is an essential part. >> reporter: that top tether can ensure that the seat stays in the proper place, minimizing how much it moves side to side or back and forth in the event of an accident. >> for more information about the study, just head to our website at
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you'll find more about car safety, seat safety right on our home page. >> when women are driving, they need to get around on foorkts safety is something often oner that minds. now there's an app for that. it's called street safe. designers say this offers peace of mind with the push of a button. janet hurley is the survivor of a sexual assault. since she lives alone, she said a simple walk can be terrifying, so she's trying out the app. >> it makes you feel a lot more in charge of your life and situation. >> there are two buttons, a red one to press that will call 911 and will pass along your medical history and location and a green button called walk with me. you can call it and an operator will stay on the phone with you until you feel safe. earlier this week firefighters were called to
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three separate cigarette related fires in 24 hours. the first happened before midnight at a found house on procipio circle. another deck fire was started at a town house. less than 12 hours later a third deck fire was started on king meades way. all three were started by cigarettes and could have been prevented. they want to remind people how dangerous cigarettes can be if not put out properly. taking a look at harbor cam, you can see some of the wind is still out there. there's a flag flying in the bag. it's still windy. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. a ripple on the water. also some chilly hair coming in
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on -- air coming in on that northwest breeze. more of a freeze for western maryland as we typically see. this time the frost advisory extends to the northern half of baltimore county, harford county, cecil county and carroll. take a look at the pattern. some clouds drifting out of the north a couple of showers but not much, a couple of isolated showers primarily on the eastern shore and some of it slowing a few raindrops. 59 baltimore more. 57 at the bee. most spots struggling to get out of the 50s. so definitely dress warm as you head out and b -- about. there's much warmer weather. and just check out for a lack at our growing list of apps.
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you'll get the latest news, accurate forecast and live streaming video right in the palm of your hand. taking a look at the top stories. the company hired to investigate the collapse that killed seven people at the indiana state fair said it was not up to code. they said organizers warned them. the structure could not support itself. lawsuits va been filed against the band and the company that built stage. authorities say the world financial center was evacuated after an x-ray of a package appeared to show a -- an explosive device. the novelty grenade was addressed to one of the tenants
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inside the building. a jetblue pilot who forced an emergency landing has been charged. passengers from the flight from new york to los angeles said osbon was acting owe ratcally. passengers wrestled him to the ground while the copilot landed the plane. an suv slams into a school bus sending it straight into the side of a house, how the women inside and the people on the bus are doing tonight. >> and a cow makes a run for it and the whole thing is caught on tape.
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two women were inside this miami home when a bus came crashing through. the suv driver took off after the crash. amazingly the four people on the bus and the women in the house were not seriously hurt. this cow does not want to become a hamburger. this cow in paterson, new jersey
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is lucky. the 800 pounder was scheduled for slaughter but escaped. police tried to catch the cow. first he was getting the best of them, even denting a police car. they were able to tranquilize her. the owner said she will leaf out the rest of her life on a farm. team to take a different bus. that's what passengers may hear. sometimes they get tina turner, george simmons and others. it's national robotic week. there was a robot block party hoping to sign up skids in -- kids for engineering and math.
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now that rick santorum is out of the race, mitt romney can concentrate on his opponent. lots of people think they have the worst job in the universe, but does the survey back them up?
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many of us are struggling to pay our bills. unpaid taxes often get added to that new pile, but it could offer some relief. here's t.j. winick with today haste tax tip. >> reporter: if you're out of work or owes the government
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money, penalty relief. one of the biggest factors is failure to pay penalties, a fee for not paying taxes by the due date. this penalty is a tough one. it could reach 25% of your unpaid taxes. if i've been unemployed for 30 consecutive day the or you're self-lied and your business is down 24% from last year, you might qualify for grace period but you must pay the entire bill back, including interest and other penalties by october 15th. there are certain restrictions. so check with your tax preparer or if you owe up to $50,000 you may be able to enter into a streamline agreement. installment agreements are one option for those who cannot pay the entire bill on time.
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penalties are reduced, those interest continues to accrue on unpaid balances. in order to qualify, a tax pay are must consent to monthly debt payments. t.j. winick, new york. >> taxpayers can set up an installment agreement with the irs by going to the agreement page on a program aimed at helping homeowners is falling short of its goa. that's according to a federal watchdog report. in the report the inspector general for the tarp program said 3% of the $7.6 billion available in hard hit states have been tapped as of december 31st. if you're thinkings about buying an e burkes now is the time. is cutting price. this comes as the department
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sued apple and other publishers for price fixing. all right. let's get a lock at it. a bright, brielt afternoon after some clouds rolled in mid-afternoon. we did see a couple of showers on the radar earlier. 539 at the airport. northwest at 10. it is a chilly northwest wind. we've been dealing with this for couple of days. a freeze for western maryland a frost for central maryland. there are the clouds we had earlier kind of choring out. our view from the naval academy, ellicott city, looking spring like. in bel air, where i had a chance to do a grate school visit -- great school visit, a sunny scenario. then the clouds part. a beautiful view in the heart of
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harford county. i'll show you where the limited amount of rain has been. mainly from bel air east. some showers toward elkton if you're watching from cecil county. more significant downpour moving toward centerville. rain that we need, we love to see the showers but it's not much, not much rain and certainly not enough to make a dent in our rain deficit. temperatures cool and getting cooler. with that northwest wind well be in the 40s. put an extra layer on. a freeze and frost concern across the area. it's basically from york west in pennsylvania a true freeze overnight and west of washington county. as you look around central maryland and including cecil, this is where we'll see a frost, just enough to damage tender plants and vjation, so bring them in or cover them up.
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relative humidity dry, bone dry. we still have an enhanced fire risk, though it's not quite red flag. it is kern sp certainly a -- it is certainly a tough time. there are still showers north and east. here's the culprit with a little bit of rain. that's pushed in a lot of the cooler air. you can see the circulation, an upper level low pressure area off of cape cod. it has in the moved much over the last 24 hours. high pressure coming in from the west. that's helping to push in the north winds so we're going to stay chilly, unseasonably so for another night. then things change as the area moves further and further east. we'll see the clouds clear. the winds let up. saturday a big push of warmer air will push us back into the 70s. overnight down to 38, mostly
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clear. we stay chilly. tomorrow 67, mostly sunny, milder out there tomorrow, but, still, just about seasonable. we warm up into the weekend. tomorrow night cool, no frost. as we talk about the weekend, you can see the temperatures moving much warmer. many spots will hit 80 on sunday. right now looks like the chances for rain will be pretty phil until tuesday and wednesday. it's rain we need and we hope we get it. sunday looks dry. >> had a good time with the kids. >> at the school, a beg hello to them. this was a great time to visit prospecty. the fifth graders keep you on your toes. now to democracy 2012, already we're seeing a controversy brewing over the role of women and it's centered
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around mitt romney's wife ann. how did this get started? >> it started last night. a few comments but they have taken on a comment of their own. both the obama and romney campaigns are working hard to court women voters. >> guess what, his wife has never worked a day in her life. >> reporter: hillary rosen created a fire storm. she was referring to ann romney of talking to women about the economy. >> she's never dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and why did we worry about their future. >> reporter: criticism is coming from both sides, david axelrod and debbie wasserman sweeted.
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she defended the point she was trying to make. >> what i meant was mitt romney is using his wife as an economic surrogate. he himself said it. i thought that was off base. >> reporter: on fox news ann romney respond my career choice was to be a mother. we need to respect choices women make. other women make a choice. i respect that. >> reporter: this afternoon ann romney got a show of support from first lady michelle obama who tweeted every mother works hard, a sign have the hot button issue, that it elicits this kind of bipartisanship. >> the white house got involved. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: the first question asked at today's press briefing. this is what jay carney had to say.
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>> we can all agree that raising children is a difficult job. that is true for all mothers as well as fathers. >> reporter: the white house is pointing out that hillary rosen has no official role with the obama reelection campaign. however, the romney campaign is looking to capitalize on it. you can get a bumper sticker that says moms drive the economy. you can get one with a $6 donation to the romney campaign. jury selection got underway for the criminal trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. it's related to secret payments made by campaign donors. the prosecution is trying to prove that the money was spent
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on rielle hunter. baltimore city police are asking for your help in findinged individuals that they say were involved in this salt and -- assault and robbery. how many hours do you spend on the computer and how this could ruin your eyes. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news. a little boy's dream comes true with the help of stranger's. a random act of kindness that changed a boy's life and inspired people.
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stockses finished higher for a second day in a row. the dow dow rallied -- dow jones rallied and the nasdaq closed at 3,056. the s&p rose 19 points. most people don't have their dream job. if you ever wondered what a dream career might look like, look at this. this is looking at the year's best and well, worst jobs. >> reporter: with the job market still in recovery mode, many people who have a job are lucky to be employed. there are differences between that great job and a more mediocre one. this is the list of the best jobs. software engineer is number one.
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the job offers great pay and is in high demand as many businesses go digital. next is an ac chew wary, a common sumtant brought in to weigh financial risk. human resource manager, dental hygienist and financial planner. aside from higher than average salaries, what makes them special, they were weighed by work environment, stress, physical demand and hiring. taking that into account here are the jobs that scored the lowest. the worst of 2012 is lumberjack. demand is low. working conditions are dangerous and the pay isn't great. dairy farmer is the second worst job this year. enlisted soldiers in the military is the third worst. oil rig workers and newspaper reporter round out the bottom five. regardless of what you do when you get up in the morning, having a paycheck is a good thing. there are still 12 million
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people out of work and looking for a job. well it won't be a bird or batman but you'll be able to see a unique sight in the sky. this week's tragic fire at pleasant zion baptist church in dundalk is one of a series of arson fires that have playinged the area. he'll have the details. baltimore city police say they have at least three people they are looking for in connection to this beating that was caught on camera. how you scan help them -- can find the folks responsible. a brand-new look and a brand-new build thing for johns hopkins. i'm christian schaffer. we'll take you inside. arsonists set a fire


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